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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I gonna remove FOUR (4) wisdom tooth at one time on NOV!

stupit wisdom tooth that cause mi trouble!
swollen cheek!!! infection!! skin allery!!!
shit them!!!!
you can't imagine how expensive the surgery Cost !
gonna rest for at least 1-2 weeks !
i think i gonna lose at least 3 kilo ...
cos i don think i will be able to bite??
think the first few days i will even have problem swallow stuff..!
and the doc say my face will like swollen and blue black!
i can imagine that look !!

i will smash the 4 wisdom tooth into powder !!!!

9:45 AM

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

hello my dears !!!

im going to fly to thailand in another 8 hr times !!!!!
so happy but i really spend alot alot alot over my buget !
BUT i will listen to my girlfriends to relax and not to go crazy at the airport!
i will try not to buy TOO "little" stuffs....


loves you guys=) kisses..

PS : to x

i do like to do stupid stuff to gain attentions cos i am not mature....
i am always childish and i don like to grow up...
thanks for you advice i will love myself from now on ..
thank you so much!
you are such a good person !
love you =)

10:43 AM

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ok im suppose to blog for my sweet sweet happy 4th years anniversary...
but happiness only last one day for mi ...

but i am not happy today not happy now..
i really cant face this house now..
but where can i go...?
i wanted to get out but there is no where else for me..
i cant go your house i cant go anywhere...

even if i get out does that make any different?
does that change anything?
sometimes i don know what s the reason
that i am still kind of scared of ** mother..
whats the reason that im still saying in this house that don need mi at all..
no one cares about mi
no ones feels for mi
no ones listen to wad i say
no ones bother to know anything about mi..
maybe the powerful word "money"
is the only reason...

i feel so lonely so sad..
sometimes i cant even breath properly...
i cry in the middle of the night..
i love them so much but why?
why don they love me too?
so many years passed...even thought i know its
impossible but i still hope that someday they will realise
what i am going through and love me just a little bit more..
but i just get so dissapointed....

you know its so funny..
don know since when ..think in primary school..
i have been coming up with lies ..things that never happen
just because i wanted to talk and chat with them so badly...
so i come up with all lies ...all sort of topics that i can think of..
just for the few mins of talking...
but is don last long...
soon i get replies like "if you have nothing else to talk then don talk"
"i don wan to listen to all your stupid things...go go go don bother me"
or something sweet and short
"i don have time" ....(then walk away)
...soon i have the habit of talking to myself...

its so sad..even thought i know that all this
had already turn facts..
but i always cry when i think of them..
why cant they just treat me like a real daughter..a real sister
and just love me a little bit more..
or treat me a little bit better...
the worse things is they don feel a thing for me..

it true that they don care for mi..
it really true that sometime they might not even notice about me...
i have a hard time at home and i have to face friendship problem in school
so there was once..i used brand new pen knife..
and i created some beautiful fine lines on my hand..
yap hand and not wrist cos i wanted them to know...
the min i saw blood came oozing out my wounds..
im happy..cos i thought yes now i finally got something
to attract their attention..
its about 10 cuts ..not too deep cos im afraid of pain..
(now its only left with 4 light scar due to double cutting...)
after school ...it only took my boyfriend 2 mins to notice my wound..
he is so sad and thats the first time i saw him cry....
but even untill today i don think they even know..
so funny right..
so how can i don love mr li?
why cant you just stay by my side forever?
i feel so safe with you around me...

i love you so much mummy
i love you so much daddy
i love you so much korkor..
i don wan to admit but
i love you too ah er..
but why don you guys love me..
whats the reason..??why don love me..
why must you guys treat me like this?
what have i done.??

9:51 AM

Sunday, March 22, 2009

ok REAL stupit!
i left my bank book at home today!!!
fuck fuck fuck !
no wonder ask money from me again...
this time sure die comform suck till dry dry..!
wad kind of useless brain i have!
really fuck...

11:14 AM

Sunday, March 01, 2009

ok too much complain of dead blog..

anyway i just wanna say that im bloody bloody happy on sat.
just so happy..
it had been one year plus!

8:19 AM

Monday, November 03, 2008

ok so you DIE or i die!
tell mi wad do you wan!
i give you all my salary and i will eat shit
i cut down my phone line...
so that when something happen i cant get help..
then you will found my body..
i don use computer...
don do your so call"like shit de busniess"
yes indeed wad im earning from internet might not
be much...
but at least i feel that im not useless..
for your information since i started working...
ya thats right!
and you baobei very li hai de SON 'he had penis"
3 years older then mi..still do stuff like
"ma na 20 dollar lai"...
make you pay for his $200 plus plus bill..
and YOU will come and nagg at mi!
i HAD started working is not as free as your
BAOBEI SON...so don ask mi to run errand for you
call him walk under the hot sun and Q for 1 hour plus
to pay those stupit bill..!
F all of you! F you~!
leave mi alone ..!
i don need you guys
it makes no different from those stray doggs!
ya !
that word..how does it spell??
i don know how to spell?

save mi mr li..
will you??

9:16 AM

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

ok longlong updates!
started work at teapal
an easy job i"ll say...
all i have to do is to talk drink tea sleep and go walk walk...
no heavy work...another full time is a very nice girl...
so wad i can say is...im enjoying...
new life..
dear dear and mi had been free from all those childish troubles...
so happy that we will no be like the past..
i would cry ,would shout , would hurt myself..
of cos i would nag at him becos of all those stupit things anymore..

to mr li cheuk man..
(i hope u see this)
i know im lucky that i had met you..
this is the only thing that i thank god that in my secondary
sch life im able to meet you..
without you i cant imagine how my life will be..
if you were not around when mummy scold mi?
if you were not around when useless tried to hit mi?
if you were not around when ppl backstab?
if you were not around when i cried alone?
if you were not around??
if you were?

then wad will i be?

i must admit sometimes when you were violent.
i hate you.
when you hit the wall ...i hit too..
when you hit untill my bed got a hole..
i hate you..

i must must must admit...
when i was tired..you were always there to lend mi your shoulder...
when i was ask to do so so and so... you were always there to help mi..
when i was sick..you were always there to take care of mi..
when i was lazy , when i was hungry i look around and you were always there..
when i saw SPIDER..you were always there to save mi..
still rem you once look at the dead body of a spider and scold bad word??
i don know to to let you know how cute you are..=)
rem there was one time my room was very messy...
accessories stuff all around ...com still on...all the lights still on..
and i fall asleep...if it wasnt you..mum sure hack mi into pieces..
while i was sleeping ...i heard you voice so gentle yet angry and you said..
i open my sleepy eyes and look around...
you pack very thing.. help mi off the computer..
help mi remove makeup..
bought mi to the toilet to wash face
off the lights..cover blankets for mi...
i don know how to let you know..how handsome you are...

tell mi how can i don love you...
how can i ...

every time when yo pity mi ..
(becos of family ...mother..useless...vietnam woman..MONEY)
i look into your eyes...
i feel that you are telling mi
don worry dear ..i will save you..
im happy...im happy that i had choose you=)
i love you my dear..
i love you li cheuk man..

from mrs li=)

9:50 AM

♥ MRS LI ;

      11 of april

      i love my girlfrens
      i love lcm too.

      her girlfriends and friends
      her second half=)
      her computer(best pal) sing K
      super duper enjoy shopping
      *if she is angry just let her spend some money=)
      i swear IT WORKS

      insects! (spider)
      to be alone
      HER(singapore weather)
      HIM(useless freak)

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# pink DS or psp
# new Handphone
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